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                                                                   Contingency / Retained / Priority


We offer a variety of ways that we work with our clients. Our specialty is the small to mid-size company with limited resources and budget. They have an urgency to build their brand, find the athletes for their teams and zero margin to figure things out the second or third time around. 


You should ask yourself, "What happens if this role isn't filled by ___________?" 


It all comes down to urgency. If you have the luxury to take months to fill a search, then you might want to consider working with us under a contingency agreement. If your company is losing revenue each week that a position goes unfilled, or if a person (or team) is strained as they juggle the responsibilities of the person needed, you may want to consider a priority or retained search. 




Your search is critical, the pool of candidates is limited and you need the person in place yesterday.   


A portion of the total fee is paid to begin the search and have us go to work for you.

In order for us to be successful quickly, it is expected that a minimum of two in-depth conversations will take place so that we know exactly what the profile of the person looks like. 


We will ask questions that you've probably never been asked by a recruiter before. These unique questions help us zone in on the candidates that will fit the role, but also blend well with your culture. The beauty of this is that we go beyond the job description, and build teams that are difficult to pull apart (by other recruiters in the future).


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Your search is important and perhaps even critical, but it may be the first time working with an outside recruiter, or you've been disappointed in the past from weak candidates and an overall subpar experience. 


For a small fee, we will give your open role our top attention. Searches that are less critical or contingency searches, are pushed aside so we can focus on you. 


This is often how our clients engage with us the first time until we show them how we work. After trust is built and our clients see our impressive results, they opt for "retained" search as their confidence with us elevates.




After we document the many important details of your search, we reach out to our network to uncover candidates that fit the profile. Our network consists of the people we have in our database, social media resources, and other partners that we work closely with in the industry.  


A fee is not paid unless you hire someone that we have presented to you.  As we work on other searches that are retained or priority, we keep your open position in mind in case we come across someone that could be a fit.  Companies that have searches that aren't urgent enjoy this method of working with the Precision Metrics team.

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