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What a refreshing approach. When someone from the team at Precision Metrics reached out to make an introduction, it was unique and unlike what I've been used to with other recruiters in the past. In working with them, we found a great Director of Marketing for our young company. When candidates were presented, it was clear that there was significant amount of time spent to determine we had an excellent fit. As we grow, we will refer back to this firm again. 

CEO and Founder

IoT Technology

Denver, CO

For 30 Years, I have been the founder of 3 companies and worked with many, many recruiters. Elizabeth's approach was by far the most thorough and detailed I have ever encountered. Having said that, she finds a way to get a lot done in a short amount of time when it comes to conversations, and most likely the reason I looked forward to every call we had. Elizabeth was responsible for finding us our VP of Sales and made it tough to decide because of the two candidates that made it to the final rounds. We will be relying on Elizabeth going forward to help us build the sales team over the next six months. 

COO and CoFounder

Robotics Organization

San Francisco, CA


We reached out to the team at Precision Metrics because they were referred to us from another company that had recently used them to build out a complete presales team  It didn’t take long to realize that they operated quite differently than other firms we’ve worked with in the past.  Mr. Morgan gave us an incredible amount of time and attention from very early on, and visited our office on two occasions to meet with us. He explained to us how critical it was to fully understand the culture and gather significant details of the multiple positions we were eager to fill.  Mr. Morgan helped us fill 6 critical roles in a timely fashion and helped streamline the entire process. He also uncovered a 7th person that although we didn’t have an open req for, we managed to hire that person too since we never want to miss a dynamic individual that will help us grow strong. Going forward, we will reach out to Precision Metrics for all future hiring needs.


Cyber Security Firm, DC


If you’re looking to work with a firm that listens, performs and exceeds your expectations, you should engage with the people at Precision Metrics. We are a small technology firm and we needed a VP of HR and Project Manager to complete our hires for Q4 (2014) and although we felt the process would take months before we had the right candidates in front of us, it only took 4 weeks!  Lise Babon seemed to understand the exact profile we needed to head up our very hectic HR department and at the end of the process, had two solid candidates in front of us.  Jim Morgan did something very similar with the open role for a Project Manager and we couldn’t be more delighted with their performance. Getting these people on board sooner than later has allowed us to focus on other lines of business. Thank you Precision!!

VP of Operations

Mobile Platform Technology Firm / NYC


We really appreciate the way Elizabeth sold our company's story to attract the best talent.

Elizabeth was able to uncover and communicate significant details that helped us acquire the best candidates that were also the right fit for our company's business objectives and culture. 

Elizabeth's process is somewhat different than what you have experienced in the past with the majority of recruiters. She took a lot of time to understand our company, our needs and requirements, etc. She also stayed engaged throughout the entire interview and hiring process to make sure the lifecycle was thorough, met our expectations and ended in a smooth transition for both the company and the candidate. 


Security Firm in VA


Elizabeth has been a hired-gun recruiter for SteelHouse for months. She is very diligent, friendly and responsive. Not only is Elizabeth patient with my very high (and picky) expectations, but she consistently brings me interesting candidates. Elizabeth is the first person I call when we need to fill a new sales role at SteelHouse and I would absolutely recommend her to others!”

Brooke Partelow

VP of Sales



I have been in sales and marketing for over 25 years - building and developing large sales organizations. I have worked with many Executive Recruiters to help me staff critical roles for the organizations that I've been with. At the same time, I have relied on top tier firms for placing myself in great opportunities.

I could not have asked for a better professional from the recruiting industry than Elizabeth. She asks smart questions, truly listens, doesn't push for her benefit and ultimately makes it about you.   Whether you are the one hiring, or looking for your next career move, she has a great grasp on what both parties want, and a great instinct for making the right fit.

She would be my first call on either side of the equation.

Peter Green – Candidate


Elizabeth is a stellar partner! She did an incredible job with her first step in seeking me out, then understanding (exactly) the profile of the candidate(s) I needed, asking specific questions that would help sell the story of my company. It was great to have her work around my schedule and time-line throughout the process. 

Prior to launching the search she had questions for me that no one had ever bothered to ask, setting her apart. She even bothered to ask details regarding who I wouldn't hire. Working together, we were able to fine-tune the search so that she could find the perfect talent to enhance my team.

The most significant value I found was in the hiring process. Being a start-up, we don't have the resources or time to do everything well.  Elizabeth was able to assist us in the actual steps of the hiring so that in the end, we didn't lose the candidates we wanted. It didn't take long to realize that by putting our trust in Elizabeth was going to pay off.  She is an expert in the field of recruiting.

Brian O'Keefe




"I spent hours telling Elizabeth (Caldwell) Morgan about my requirements and detailing the role I was looking to fill. Elizabeth Caldwell listened extremely well and ultimately presented me with a short list of candidates that were fully briefed on the WebCollage opportunity. The Director of Inside Sales that I hired far exceeded my expectations. I would strongly recommend Elizabeth Caldwell to lead the search for the sales management candidate you are looking to hire."

 Scott Matthews



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