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The Contrast is Significant


Why on earth would you choose to work solely with Precision Metrics as your one and only recruiting firm, when you could have multiple people out there searching for the most talented people in your industry?

Strength is in numbers after all, right?  Not Really...  in fact, it's quite the opposite and here's why:


When candidates are contacted by multiple recruiters who are just trying to get their resume in front of the hiring manager, it cheapens your opportunity - plain and simple. The Athletes in your space are immediately turned off when they are contacted by an array of headhunters. Your company can appear desperate.  


Precision Metrics has a philosophy of "Less is More" and "Quality vs. Quantity".  Read below to understand why clients come back to us again and again after working with us initially.


Unique Questions   Within the first 5 minutes of a call with someone from our team, whether you’re a potential client or candidate, you’ll notice a difference and it’s because of our questions. We are all investigators by nature and this gives us a huge edge. 


Slinging Resumes  We will never do this. Our goal is to ask the right questions up front from the client so we aren’t “guessing” and “hoping” there’s a fit.  We aim to bring people that will, without a doubt, be interviewed and most likely remain in the process.


 “When in doubt…..”  When in doubt, send them out is a known phrase throughout our industry. When we are in doubt about a candidate we will never send them out.  Our clients love this about us because we aren’t wasting their time with a candidate that we don’t feel is a fit for the role and culture.


Stacking the Deck  Even when our hiring manager has his sights set on a perfect candidate, we continue to find additional candidates in case that one slips away.


Our focus is never on the bottom line  This industry is saturated with individuals that keep their eye on the money.   We have a track record of guiding our clients so that the right people land and in some cases have actually suggested that our client does not extend an offer.  Although we are open to being retained for our clients that have an urgent/critical search, we prefer contingency.  Recruiters that are paid and don’t perform have added to a negative reputation and we strive to be the opposite.


If everyone was exceptional at this business, the fees would never be where they're at.


Desk Overload  Nearly all of the recruiting firms operating today, strive to gain as many “job orders” or “clients” as possible.  In fact, most have daily/weekly incentives for the recruiting team to find new open roles and don’t mind having 15 or more open positions on their desk.


They work towards quantity instead of quality. We believe that it’s virtually impossible to do an exceptional job with that much activity on one person’s desk. They also look to work on a retainer. The philosophy of Precision Metrics is the complete opposite. 


  • We want to give our attention to a few positions and fill them. We are particular with who we engage with and this ensures our success.

  • Working on a contingency basis (we only get paid if we find the right candidate for our client) is what we enjoy and welcome.


Gluing Deals Together

We don’t match people to an open job requisition. Instead, we uncover people who will complement the teams that are in currently in place as well as the culture that the leadership is aiming to create. This approach makes it incredibly difficult for other recruiters to swoop in and remove them down the road.

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